March 2012: Trip to Cabrousse

During the Spring holidays, two of our IBS students – Jeanne Bommelje and Syrah Riboural, travelled to Senegal, at the invitation of the Lycée CEM Cabrousse, as part of a CAS project. They arrived with 300 kilos of school manuals donated by IBS and books and sports equipment for which they raised the funds through their CAS efforts.

The school is the only one in the area and has a real need for financial support as there are about 900 students, with only 9 classrooms and 37 teachers. It’s not uncommon for a student to walk 20 kilometres to get to school as there is no public or private transport available. The school has 3 toilets and no cafeteria.

The students hope to establish a durable partnership between our school and theirs and that through various student projects, that IBS might be able to help them provide a more conducive school environment for their students.